Server Management

Modern organisations depend on the constant availability of IT. Your customers, employees and partners rely heavily on resources such as databases, Web sites and messaging systems, and the effects of down-time can be devastating: customers desert you, staff productivity plummets, and costs spiral out of control. Supporting a complex server environment requires a significant investment in skilled resources, and organisations often struggle to recruit and retain the broad array of skills they need. Costs can be unsustainable and staff skills are often under-used or unsuited to evolving technologies.

DBSoft Solutions specialists plan and provide you with an innovative design allowing you to build and deploy your infrastructure solutions. We provide effective solutions to manage operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows, Solaris and Linux. We ensure that the most appropriate resourcing solution is applied to support your server infrastructure ensuring your mission-critical production systems achieve maximum reliability and availability, whilst ensuring future capacity keeps pace with your business needs.


Reduced costs — Achieved through our shared service delivery model.
System performance — Our solutions will deliver the availability and performance your business demands.
Access to the latest technology — Vendor neutrality and our experience as a server management provider enable us to provide innovative technical solutions to help you realise your IT strategy.
Improved security levels — Effective vulnerability management.
Speed of execution — Ability to modify resources to meet the ongoing needs of your business using advanced deployment and provisioning techniques.
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